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Devoted 2 Youth Outdoors provides disadvantaged youth with outdoor adventures they will remember for a lifetime. Your contribution goes a long way in making their dreams come true.

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Devoted 2 Youth Testimonial
They are a loving group. They take time and effort to bond with each child. They are a Christian organization that teach one another the right way about Jesus. They have taught me the right way to hold a gun properly, to place god first in my life, about team work, and how important family is. I killed my first deer, shot ducks and caught fish.

- Meghan

Devoted 2 Youth Testimonial
Jamie is down to earth. He loves God. He has impacted my life because we like to hunt deer, ducks, hogs, and turkey. We also like to fish together. Jamie likes to go church a lot and so do I. He teaches me about Outdoors and about God.

- Emory

Devoted 2 Youth Testimonial
D2Y has introduced me to meeting and helping new people. I've learned how to do many outdoor activities taught by wonderful men who I look up too including Aaron wood, Bob davidson, and Jason liber. Because of this group it is helping me become a respectable young man.

- Wesley

Devoted 2 Youth Testimonial
Aaron, Jason and Bob have been there for many of my firsts. My first deer, my first dove and squirrel. Also taught me to fly fish and I love it. They also taught me that things I learn in the outdoors carry over to my everyday life. They are like my big brothers and I am so thankful for having them in my life!

- Nick

Devoted 2 Youth Testimonial
They are very good at what they do. They helped me learn how to hunt and fish, along with being a great example for others.One thing that I like is that they ensure that God is included in whatever we are doing. I have just had the best time with these amazing, loving, and caring friends.

- Abby

Devoted 2 Youth Testimonial
Mrs. Meredith and Mr. Jamie changed my life by showing me how to ride my bike, taking me hunting, and teaching me how to shoot a gun. Now I can ride with my big sister Alicia, and have races with her. They are nice to me! Another thing that makes me happy is when my sister is scared to do things they encourage her and tell her she can do it!

- Sarah